Welcome to Amorus! In order to make sure we all have amazing sexy times, there are some community Agreements we follow.

Please click each box below to agree.

□ I am over 18 and a legal adult.

□ I understand that this app facilitates intimacy for consenting adults and so includes references to sexuality and pleasure.

□ I understand Amorus is an expansive platform for a spectrum of identities, sexualities and relationships. All are welcome here.

□ I understand that sexual communication involves intimacy, sharing and vulnerability. I will remember this in my chats and treat my partners with respect and compassion.

□ I understand that consent is temporary and can be removed or altered at any time. I will respect the consent of my partners.

□ I understand that information exchanged between partners has an expectation of privacy and confidentiality. I will not share anything outside the app without explicit consent.

□ I agree to the full Terms of Service.