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‍I've sent an invite, now what?

Once an invitation is accepted, a new relationship will be created in the left sidebar menu and you'll get a notification in Amorus (if your notifications are turned on).

Why can't I see my pending invite?

We deliberately don't know where and to whom you've sent an invite. For everyone's privacy, we do not track your invitation. However, once an invitation is accepted, a new relationship will be created in the left sidebar menu and you'll get a notification in Amorus (if your notifications are turned on).

Invite link not working / our accounts won't connect

Oops! Our links are designed to be one-use-only (so no one can abuse the system), but sometimes they get confused and think they've been used before the relationship is created.
Here are three things to try:
1) Exit the app and click the invite link again.
2) Send your Flame a new invite link (just click the INVITE+ button again to create a new one)
3) Ask your Flame to send you an invite link instead.

How can I find people on the app?

Amorus is not a matching platform, so we are not designed to search or discover existing users.

Amorus is an app for known partners (Flames) to communicate with each other. You need to have a Flame outside the app and invite them to join you on Amorus. Our invitation links, when clicked and accepted, create the relationship. All of our games , tools, and chat are unlocked when you create a relationship.

If you are looking for a Flame to chat with, this blog post is filled with ideas and suggestions on how and where to find that sexting someone.

Are you available on Android?

Unfortunately, Amorus is only available on iOS right now. So you can use the app on iPhones, iPads, and some newer Macs.
We are planning to release an Android version later this year. Please stay tuned and sign up for our mailing list, so you hear as soon as the Android version is live!

Can I have more than one Flame🔥?

Yes! But you'll need to send a new invite to each one. All our invite links & QR codes are one-time-use only. Simply tap the INVITE+ button in the left sidebar menu again and it will generate a new invite link.

‍What notifications do you send?

We NEVER show message content in a notification. You will not see your (or your Flame's) message text in your banner or on the Lock Screen. EVER.

[We don't ever read/share/sell your messages, that's our promise, but we know what they might be 😈, and it's private.]

When you connect with a Flame and they accept your invite, you will get a notification that you have a new chat and then a notification for any new messages.

Our default notification is "You have a new message in your chat with [USERNAME]". You can control notifications in your Settings. If you want to limit them to just a banner or Lock Screen or a little red number on the Amorus icon, you choose!

‍Can I play solo?

All our games are designed for two people, so you need to connect with a Flame to play.We are a private 1-to1 space to get sexy with your Flame🔥 (aka sexy friend, spouse, partner, lover, ex, fwb, boo).
We are the app for AFTER dating. No public profiles, just you and your Flame getting it on.

‍Why can't I access my photo library?

If you are having trouble accessing your photos, please check the Amorus app permissions in your phone settings. You may have given Amorus permission to access only one or none of your images.

Can I see the games before I invite my Flame 🔥?

Amorus currently has three (3) games - Chat Sparks, Fantasy Swipe, and Jigsaw. You can see how they work in these posts:

💥 Chat Sparks 💥 start sexy conversations with a button click: 100s of tantalizing and playful questions to start a new chat.

🔮 Fantasy Swipe 🔮 swipe yes/no on the fantasies you want and when it's a match, your shared desires are revealed in chat. Keep swiping new tiles each day!

🧩 Jigsaw 🧩 send a picture to your boo as a blurry puzzle, that must be solved to be seen!

What other features does this app have?

Besides our games, Amorus includes lots of special features specifically for spicy chat:

📚 Media Library
Scroll all your shared pics and game results easier. Tap your Flame's name at top of screen to access the library.

🤳No Camera Sync
Use the in-app camera and any pics will NOT sync to the phone's main photo stream. Tap the 📎 icon next to the message bar to take a pic or send a library photo.

📸 Screenshot notifications
Sexy Amorus pics are designed to stay in the app for both parties. No taking them off app!

🔖 Bookmarks
Tag a pic or message to come back to it in chat, even 1000s of messages later. No more scrolling back endlessly to find that spicy late-night convo again. Tap and hold on a message to set bookmark.

🔥❤️❓⚠️🛑 Emoji responses
Specifically selected for sexy chat. Tap and hold on message to tag.

❌ Deletion Control
Anything you send, you can ALWAYS delete, whether it's one day or one year later. And will delete from both sides. You control access to what you share.

How do I change my username / profile image / etc?

You can change your profile in your Profile Settings.

Open the LEFT menu (tap the three horizontal bars at the top left ↖️ of the screen). Tap your username at the bottom of the menu for all your profile settings.

Select your username and change to your new username.

Tap the 🔄 to change your profile icon or upload a new profile image.

Remember to hit the SAVE button in the TOP RIGHT ↗️ corner to make sure the change is fixed!

How do I play Chat Sparks?

Once you have created a chat with your Flame 🔥, click on the 🧩 icon on the bottom left corner of your chat window and select Chat Sparks.

Chat Sparks will send a sexy conversation starter prompt to your chat (you BOTH will see it). Questions like "if you were to go to sex school, what would be the first class you'd sign up for?"

Our Sparks are intended to start a chat - so feel free to talk about the question, or what the Chat Spark should have asked, or make up questions for yourselves.

How do we see our Fantasy Swipe MATCHES?

When you ✅ BOTH ✅ swipe Yes on a specific fantasy, it will appear in your chat stream!

We share fantasies with each partner asynchronously (ie. you both don't see the same ones at the same time), so any Yes swipe might trigger a MATCH!

New Fantasies are available each day, so keep swiping to see what desires you share!

Once a Match is revealed, you can find it again in the Media Library 📚. Just tap your Flame's name at the top of the screen ⬆️ to see the menu.

The Media Library has all the images and game results that you share.

Media Library images are bookmarks🔖, to make it easy to re-visit them in your chat. Just tap the eye 👁 icon in the lower right corner of the image.

Is there a Fantasy you really want to see in the app? TELL AIMEE :) We can add it to the next batch, totally anonymously. But no guarantees when it will show up in front of you.

How do I play Jigsaw?

Once you have created a chat with your Flame 🔥, click on the 🧩 icon on the bottom left corner of your chat window, and select Jigsaw. Upload a picture, crop and modify as you like (pictures send vertically) and send it to your Flame. They will get your picture as a blurry puzzle. When they solve the 🧩, the picture is revealed!

To Solve a Jigsaw, select two tiles and they will switch places. When a tile is outlined in purple 💜, it is in the RIGHT PLACE. Repeat the process until all the tiles are in the right place. When you solve the 🧩, the picture will be revealed!

If I delete the app, will that delete all my conversations?

It will not. Amorus is designed to be portable between devices, so we store your conversations (encrypted!) in the cloud. That means you can uninstall the app, reinstall it, and all your conversations will still be there.

IF YOU WANT TO DELETE YOUR CONVERSATIONS then you should delete your profile on the app. That will automatically remove and delete all your chats. You can delete your profile in the profile settings. Open the LEFT menu (tap the three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen). Tap your username at the bottom of the menu for all your profile settings. Then select "Delete this Account" and confirm.

You can also email us at support@amorus.net and we can delete your profile.

How do I get my partner to __________

A couple of pieces of advice for getting more adventurous with your Flame🔥:

1) 🏅Be worthy of the adventure🏅 Show that you are trustworthy, caring, interested in their pleasure first, careful of their physical and emotional state. Try the things that they want to do and show that you are "GGG" (Good, Giving, and Game, coined by Dan Savage who offers excellent advice on his podcast).

2) 🗣Tell them🗣 Let them know what you want to try. Do this without expectation. It might be that your partner will want to think about the idea for a while before they are even interested (if they do get interested).

3) 🗒 Start small 🗒 Is there a simple version of the adventure that will be pleasurable for your partner? If you want to explore anal, perhaps try some exterior touching or light finger play. For role play, try talking about a scene with that role play, from a movie or porn or a fantasy you have.

4) 🚫Respect their boundaries🚫 Some things are a hard no. Respect that and let it go. If this is a dealbreaker, that's for you to decide, but No is No. And disrespecting a boundary is the key way to ensure that your partner trusts you less with any adventure or exploration in the future.

The app should _________

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